Keep your existing mobile phone number when changing networks

How to get your giffgaff PAC code:

Select your current mobile phone network and the network you would like to move to using the drop-down menus below for full PAC code instructions:



What is a giffgaff PAC code?

A giffgaff porting authorisation code, or giffgaff PAC code, allows you to transfer your existing mobile phone number from giffgaff to another mobile phone provider so that if you change mobile phone networks you do not have to give everyone a new number... You can keep your existing giffgaff mobile phone number. The process is termed mobile number portability, or number porting. It's quick, FREE and very easy to do - follow the instructions here for full details on how to port your giffgaff mobile phone number to a new network provider.

NOTE: You can purchase your new phone contract and then obtain your PAC code. It is not essential to have your PAC code prior to purchasing your new phone. However, you will need your PAC code if you want to keep your existing phone number (i.e. transfer your current number to your new provider). Use our handy tool above to obtain your PAC code.

giffgaff PAC codes are FREE.

To keep your giffgaff mobile phone number when switching to another mobile phone network, use our handy tool to obtain your giffgaff PAC code. Just select your current and new phone provider click OK and you'll receive full instructions for obtaining your giffgaff PAC code.