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O2 Wallet launches in the UK

O2 Wallet launches in the UK

26 April 2012

Get the app to make payments via text message

It looks like Barclays Pingit has some competition, in the shape of the O2 Wallet.

O2-branded, but available to all mobile users who use iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS 6 (and above), this is another way of using your mobile phone to pay for goods and transfer cash. You can 'digitise' your credit and debit cards, which in turn allows you to transfer up to £500 via text message. That transfer is free initially, but there will be a 15p charge further down the line.

On top of that, you can use your phone for shopping too. With that in mind, there are deals, price comparisons and a number of big-name retailers who will take O2 Wallet payments. Those include Debenhams, Comet, Sainsbury's Direct and Tesco Direct at launch. On top of that, O2 is also in discussions with a rail operator to offer an instant buy button for train tickets and in time, NFC payments will also be added.

O2 is certainly confident the service will be a hit. O2 Money MD James Le Brocq said: 'O2 Wallet delivers the benefits of mobile money to more UK consumers than any other product or service currently available. With O2 Wallet, it’s easier to transfer money, track expenditure and pay swiftly and securely, all using your mobile. We believe it will transform the way people manage their finances and spend money.'

As for any security concerns, Le Brocq continues: 'We recognise that security is absolutely key. O2 Wallet has been trialled internally for months and has undergone extensive ‘stress-testing’ with security experts. In addition to PINs and passwords, all personal details and financial data are held on remote central servers rather than on the mobile device itself. This, we believe, is the safest and most secure way to deliver mobile payment services.'

Just head to your respective app store if you want to try it out for yourself.

And do not forget that you can KEEP your existing mobile phone number if you decide to switch mobile phone operators. All you need is your PAC code. Use our handy tool on to obtain your PAC code.



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What is an PAC code?

An porting authorisation code, or PAC code, allows you to transfer your existing mobile phone number from to another mobile phone provider so that if you change mobile phone networks you do not have to give everyone a new number... You can keep your existing mobile phone number. The process is termed mobile number portability, or number porting. It's quick, FREE and very easy to do - follow the instructions here for full details on how to port your mobile phone number to a new network provider.

NOTE: You can purchase your new phone contract and then obtain your PAC code. It is not essential to have your PAC code prior to purchasing your new phone. However, you will need your PAC code if you want to keep your existing phone number (i.e. transfer your current number to your new provider). Use our handy tool above to obtain your PAC code.

PAC codes are FREE.

To keep your mobile phone number when switching to another mobile phone network, use our handy tool to obtain your PAC code. Just select your current and new phone provider click OK and you'll receive full instructions for obtaining your PAC code.