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O2 reveals 4G pricing

O2 customers will be able to get their hands on a 4G smartphone and 1GB of data for 32 per month

O2 will go live with its 4G service on 29 August, the same day as Vodafone. O2 is encouraging customers to sign up early, giving them extra data if they upgrade before 31 October.

O2 Airtime plans begin from 22 per month for 1GB, 27 per month for 5GB of data (3GB from November) and 32 per month for 8GB (5GB from November).

O2 Handset plans will range from 10 to 25, meaning the entry level monthly 4G plan will cost 32 per month and a high end handset with a meaty amount of data will cost 62 per month.

O2 is offering 4G customers gaming, sport and music content as part of their package with a free 12 month subscription to its O2 Tracks service, free and exclusive Priority Sports videos and exclusive games from Gameloft.

Consumers can sign up to O2 Sim-only deals from 26 per month for 1GB of data and 36 per month for 5GB. If they exceed their limit, they can bolt-on 500MB for 6 or 1GB for 10.

O2 will stump up 25% of a customer's remaining contract in a bid to make them sign up for 4G.

O2 Customers can also get up to 300 off their remaining contract fee if they trade in their handset with O2 Recycle.

O2 Customers will have up to 90-days to roadtest 4G, with them able to go back to an O2 3G contract if they wish, with a bill credit of 15.

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What is an PAC code?

An porting authorisation code, or PAC code, allows you to transfer your existing mobile phone number from to another mobile phone provider so that if you change mobile phone networks you do not have to give everyone a new number... You can keep your existing mobile phone number. The process is termed mobile number portability, or number porting. It's quick, FREE and very easy to do - follow the instructions here for full details on how to port your mobile phone number to a new network provider.

NOTE: You can purchase your new phone contract and then obtain your PAC code. It is not essential to have your PAC code prior to purchasing your new phone. However, you will need your PAC code if you want to keep your existing phone number (i.e. transfer your current number to your new provider). Use our handy tool above to obtain your PAC code.

PAC codes are FREE.

To keep your mobile phone number when switching to another mobile phone network, use our handy tool to obtain your PAC code. Just select your current and new phone provider click OK and you'll receive full instructions for obtaining your PAC code.