Keep your existing mobile phone number when changing networks

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Switching to Plusnet Mobile

If you would like to switch to Plusnet Mobile and you would like to keep your current mobile phone number, you will need a PAC code (porting authorisation code) from your current mobile phone network. This will allow you to transfer your mobile phone number from your current provider to Plusnet Mobile.

The process for transferring your mobile phone number from your current network to Plusnet Mobile is termed mobile number portability, or mobile number porting. It's quick, FREE and very easy to do - use our handy tool above to obtain your PAC code (porting authorisation code). You can order your new phone and contract from Plusnet Mobile before you receive your PAC code, so long as you give your PAC code to Plusnet Mobile as soon as you have it. It usually takes a couple of days to receive the PAC code, and a few days for the number to port (transfer) over to Plusnet Mobile.



Why switch to Plusnet Mobile?

Quite simply, switching mobile phone networks will often save you money!

New mobile phone tariffs come out all the time as mobile phone technology becomes cheaper and more competitive. Switching from your current mobile phone network to Plusnet Mobile will allow you to take advantage of the new tariffs available and also allow you to upgrade your phone.

And best of all... You can keep your existing mobile phone number when switching to Plusnet Mobile by requesting your PAC code from your current provider. This saves you having to give out a new mobile phone number if you change networks!

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