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VOXI: The network for under 30s

News Home Page Thursday 07 March 2019
Network VOXI, who focus on being a social media network, is specifically tailored for only those who are under 30! You can only join VOXI if you are 30, if you want to join VOXI and are above 30, you will have to check out the Vodafone network!

The reason VOXI is solely for the under 30 age group is because they focus their efforts on the age-group that most use data, social media and their mobiles the most.
VOXI offers Endless social media use, meaning you can use all of your favourite social apps without using any of your data!

VOXI offer many more benefits, so if you are under 30 and want to switch to VOXI today, use our handy tool to get your PAC code and keep your mobile number when you switch!

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