PAC Codes

Get your PAC Code NOW and Switch to Sky Mobile Switch to Sky Mobile and keep your mobile phone number

Switching to Sky Mobile

If you want to switch to Sky Mobile and keep your current mobile telephone number you will need a PAC code (porting authorisation code) from your current mobile telephone network operator. This will allow you to transfer (port) your existing mobile phone number to Sky Mobile .

Getting your PAC Code is simple and quick.

We have full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code. You can use our handy tool to get full instructions for obtaining your PAC Code and using it to switch to Sky Mobile .

Why Switch to Sky Mobile ?

Switching to Sky Mobile is likely to save you money!

Explore a world of possibilities with Sky Mobile , the only network that lets you roll over all your unused data, swap your phone each year and mix your plan whenever you like.

Sky Mobile believe you data is yours to keep - at the end of every month, Sky Mobile will automatically roll over whatever is left into your Sky Mobile Piggybank for you to use whenever you like. You can roll back data from your Sky Mobile Piggybank 1GB at a time and you can also share your data with up to 5 SIMs on the same Sky Mobile account. Not only that, but Sky Mobile allows you to cash in your unused data for a range of rewrads, which change monthly. The more Sky Mobile unused data you save, the better the rewards.

Sky Mobile offers Swap. Your phone is yours to keep, however you can keep it or Swap it, the choice is yours. Whichever Swap plan you choose from Sky Mobile, you will be told when it is time to Swap your device for the latest model. If you decide to Swap, then just choose your new phone or tablet, answer some questions from Sky Mobile about the condition of your current device for an estimate on how much Sky Mobile will give you for it, and send back your old phone and Sky Mobile will deliver your brand new device!

Sky Mobile offer teh latest phones and if you are a Sky TV customer, you will get free unlimited calls and texts as standard.

Sky Mobile also offer great value SIM-only plans.

As mobile phone technology improves and becomes cheaper, and with increased competition among the mobile phone network operators, the result is cheaper mobile phone tariffs. If you want to move from your current mobile phone network to Sky Mobile you will be able to keep your mobile phone number - you will need a PAC Code.

Take advantage of the latest Sky Mobile mobile phone tariffs and take advantage of the fact that you can keep your existing mobile phone number, saving you money, time and effort updating contacts with a new number.

We know your mobile phone number is important to you. So take it with you when you switch to Sky Mobile .

Latest News and Offers from Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile join the Samsung Galaxy trio pre-order

Sky Mobile, the network run on O2, have just released their Samsung Galaxy prices. Sky Mobile offer all the same benefits for their customers, including roll-over-data, Sky Go Extra on your device, early upgrades etc.

All three of these phones are available in the colours Prism Black, Prism Green and Prism White. The Samsung Galaxy S10e has an additional colour option of Canary Yellow.

Some of the deals that Sky Mobile are offering for the trio are:
Samsung Galaxy S10e:
-£0 upfront cost
-£42 per month
-8GB data
-Unlimited minutes
-Unlimited texts

Samsung Galaxy S10:
-£0 upfront cost
-£48 per month
-8GB data
-Unlimited minutes
-Unlimited texts

Samsung Galaxy S10+:
-£0 upfront cost
-£51 per month
-8GB data
-Unlimited minutes
-Unlimited texts

Note that these plans with Sky Mobile are on a 24 month contract.

Sky Mobile are offering some great plans for the new Samsung Galaxy trio, so use our handy tool today to get your PAC code and switch to Sky Mobile.