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New iPhone XS 2018 release date, price & specs

Apple has, after many rumours and some last-minute leaks, unveiled its iPhones for 2018, and pre-ord... Friday 14 September 2018

Carphone Warehouse Launches iD Mobile Phone Network

Formerly Talk Mobile: Carphone Warehouse is launching its "iD" mobile network today, revealing new d... Tuesday 12 May 2015

BT to buy mobile firm EE

BT has bought the mobile operator EE: Telecoms group BT has bought the mobile operator EE for £... Thursday 05 February 2015

Sky to launch UK mobile phone service

Sky is launching a mobile phone service in early 2016: Pay-TV firm Sky is launching a mobile phone s... Thursday 05 February 2015

Tesco Mobile Announces Free 4G

Tesco Mobile has fired a broadside at rival UK carriers, with the news that it is offering super fas... Monday 03 February 2014

Mobile Phone Users Can Quit Fixed Term Contracts if Prices Change

Consumers can now walk away from a mobile or broadband contract without facing a steep penalty: Cons... Thursday 23 January 2014

Free of charge 0800 numbers from mobile phones

Freephone numbers are to become free of charge from mobile phones confirm Ofcom: Freephone numbers a... Wednesday 08 January 2014

What to do if you have poor mobile coverage

The approach for complaining about a poor mobile phone signal: The arrival of superfast 4G broadband... Wednesday 08 January 2014

Mobile users win penalty-free switch from Ofcom

Mobile phone customers will be able to leave their contracts mid-term without paying a penalty if th... Wednesday 23 October 2013

9 Million New iPhone Sales by Apple in First Weekend

Apple sold 9million of its new iPhone 5s and 5c devices, compared to 5million of the original iPhone... Tuesday 24 September 2013

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